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    College rings, school rings, corporate rings, id rings, personalized rings, all are
available at Suarez and Sons! Manufactured under strict quality control in the
Philippines, these rings will beat rings made in any other part of the world with
its superb quality, but you will be surprised at how reasonably priced they are!

  School Rings
    Relive your college days and order a school ring!  These rings, available
for practically all Philippine schools, colleges and universities, are well
balanced and superbly engraved!   now to get a quote!  If your
school is not located in the Philippines, simply your school's logo
and other specifications we can design a ring specially for you!  Our rings
are especially famous for being the rings of choice for military institutions
like the Philippine Military Academy and the Armed Forces of the

Book Rings Oval and Barrel Rings Oval Rings
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  Corporate Rings
     These rings, made to order by top corporations, make precious symbols
of achievement and loyalty. Available in gold or silver, and in a variety of
styles!   your logo now to receive a free artwork and quote!

BMW Company Ring AMD Company Ring ATLAS Company Ring
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  Personalized Rings
  ID rings in gold. Our all time precious gift for all occasions. Available in
two styles. Simply email us the name to be engraved, the karat, the style and the ring size and your gift is as good as ordered!
Family Coat of Arms rings. The best gift for family members. your coat of arms for a free artwork and estimate and we will do the rest for you!
Campaign rings and promotional rings in sterling silver. Affordable and effective ways to get your message across! your logo now to get a free artwork and quote!
Wedding Rings.
to receive more designs!

ID and Wedding Rings Campaign and ID Rings Family Crest Ring
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  Trademark of Quality
  Our rings all contain our trademark of quality to attest to the karat and craftsmanship of each item!

Ring with Trademark    
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