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    Key holders, bag tags, coasters, money clips, paperweights, coins, letter
openers, desk accessories. All custom made by Suarez and Sons to suit your
company, product and event! 
and see how we can actually make
something to fit your budget!

  Key holders  
    The most practical and useful corporate giveaway. Ideal for product
launchings, anniversaries, promotions, or Christmas. The advertising
mileage your key holders can deliver is immeasurable, as each individual
normally has more than one key and will surely use your key holder daily!
Our key holders are very affordable and flexible. Die stamped, shape it to
whatever you please, perhaps your product or your logo, color it, engrave
on it, almost anything is possible! You can even make your key holder into
a bottle opener! Made of brass, our key holders can be gold or silver plated
or with an antique finish. Key holders can also be double faced (with a
design on both sides), with or without a resin coating. A standard round
shaped keychain would be normally between 1 " - 1 " in diameter, with
different dimensions for different shapes. your logo to receive a
free artwork and quote!

Keychains Keychains Keychains
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  Desk Accessories
Bag tags and coasters  
       Usually made of leather with a brass logo, our bag tags and coasters
normally have a space for engraving the name of the recipient in front.
Available in gold, silver or bronze finish, our bag tags are especially popular
as giveaways for conventions and golf tournaments, while our coasters are
popular as gifts to VIPs of restaurants. Size is normally around 3" in
diameter, including the leather backing.
your logo to receive a free
artwork and quote!

    Money Clips  
       Made of brass, gold plated, silver plated, or with antique finish. Excellent
medium to further your brand name or logo!

  Paperweights and coins  
       Our paperweights come in 2 basic styles: all brass or a brass logo
attached to a wooden base. Our coins are normally made of brass,
although we have made, on several special occasion, coins in gold or
sterling silver. Great attention to detail is given in these items, and you will
certainly be proud to see a replica of your building, your logo or the face of
your founder or president on any of our paperweights or coins! Size varies
from 2" to 3" in diameter.
your logo or picture of what you want
depicted on the paperweight, and we will send you an artwork and quote,
free of charge!

  Letter openers  
       What is the greatest way to open a letter? But of course with a letter
opener with your company logo or product embossed on it! You can even
personalize it by having us engrave the names of your recipients on the
space provided for such a purpose located on the blade! Made of brass and
available in gold, silver or antique finish, handles range from 1" to 1 " in
diameter, with a 4" - 6" blade!
your logo to receive a free artwork
and quote!

    Desktop card holders and paper clip memo holders  
       A perfect corporate giveaway to the busy executive! We can make your
desktop accessories with the logo of your company embossed or engraved
on it. We can even personalize it by engraving the names of the recipients
on them!
your logo to receive a free artwork and quote!

Bagtags, Coins, Card holder Paper clip, Card holder, Commemmorative Items Letter opener, money clip, Keychains, Lighter with logo
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  Logos and promotional items
     Attach your logos to almost any promotional item and make those items
look like they were specially made for you! Popular promotional items with
attached logos include lighters and ball pens. Logos for ballpens normally
measure 1/4:" in diameter.
your logo to receive a free artwork and

Lighters with logo Letter Opener, Ballpen with logo  
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  Commemorative items
      We take pride in having made commemorative items for some of the
largest companies in the world. In 1987 we made brass commemorative
bottle caps and pins to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of Coca Cola
Philippines, while in 1985 we made brass bells to commemorate the 100th
anniversary of AVON Philippines. We have also made commemorative gold
medallions for the king of Thailand on another occasion!

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